Through the Narrow Gate COVID-19 Immunity

Matthew 7: 13-14 puts it: “enter ye via the slim gate, for huge is the gate that results in hell”. A most telling verse certainly. In light of Coronavirus, to wherein precisely is this instructional verse guiding. Regards ordinary fitness, how do we interpret this verse in particular regards Coronavirus contagion?

By the stop of this article, subjects on this area have to turn out to be lots more clearer. That, regards COVID-19, we’re no longer helpless, in no way, in fact, the opposite.

The truth is, we’re each inner ready with dynamics of prevention and recuperation in particular regards the situation pertaining globally.

But, until we join consciously with this safety dynamic, and upload it nearly into cognizance, then scriptures as these stay at their intellectual cost most effective. Thus the want of studying the above scripture esoterically, instead of literal. Surface studying alone of this, or any scripture, does no longer adjust the nation of the soul.

More than ever, it’s time for stepping into private empowerment or direct revel in of the innately present divine within each people. Time for evolving past restricting dogmas and perception systems, into actual spiritual adulthood in God-Presence awareness.

Remembering, that, biblical ‘church’ is not relating to a bodily building, but one’s cognizance. Similarly, the biblical time period ‘Jew’ refers to ‘inwardly’ — one seeking God inside. The time period isn’t always referring to the Jewish state or its human beings. Thus the phrases on pinnacle of the crucifixion examine: ‘hail king of the Jews’ that means, praise be the inwardly directed soul seeking their very own Christ inside.

This Matthew scripture, consequently, is regarding our being ‘inwardly’, being in narrow gate fame instead of outwardly — wide gate orientation.

At our middle, we’re every ‘inwardly’: we’re every seeker’s.

To this end, expertise keyphrases in the above scripture, is crucial.


What does narrow and huge gates mean?

‘Gate’ is an street of experience enjoy, and ‘slim’ is inward consciousness.

Wide gate is relating to the outer world, to the incessant activity of the scattered thoughts and its appeal or affiliation with the conditioned five senses.

So, there are gates. One main to heaven the other to hell. The gate to heaven is the strait, or narrow gate – meaning to be inwardly searching for – and the gate leading to hell is the outer wide gate of feel cognizance.

The questions get up: what practicalities are concerned in entering the slender gate? Where are these two gates positioned, and the way does one enter through the slim gate? Do we input with our notion structures, our creeds, our faith-flags, or with what?

In other words, what is the password?


The slender gate is intellectual convergence — a way of self-awareness — and is placed inside the brain. The extensive gate capabilities underneath the regulation of non secular lack of awareness, right here known as hell. And the password is, ‘meditational silence’.

Mastering these two ‘gates’, by way of making use of the password practically, are our protection way in opposition to COVID-19. It does so by means of creating invincible immunity.