Pandemic Immunity and Successful Prayer

Against this history – of existence is a prayer — allow us to contextualize those three terms through starting up their ways of personal usage and their relationship to viral immunity and our popular fitness well-being.

Conscious directional prayer means giving aware direction to the creative mechanism within — the 12 religious components or schools of the human soul — for a specific intentional outcome: Of focusing the thoughts with heightened love emotions, fully and singularly, on a specific visualized photo, then liberating this imagined goal — as if already carried out — to the Universal existence force inside our personal cognizance for manifestation.

Conscious cognizance prayer is deliberately watching the emotive nature of all mind entering the thoughts – thereby getting into the cellular body – watching if their nature and urgings are to particular interest. Observing if this urge hobby is congruent with our soul’s preference for better non secular evolution, or is such thought propelling downwards into lower nature pastime and decaying of our mobile properly-being. Spotting the difference is vital to our long-term bodily and non secular fitness, in particular the immune gadget regards coronavirus. Thus, our each conscious second represents capability for either soul-serving or non-soul serving purposes.

Unconscious prayer — is unwitting adherence to unconscious concept patterns and their related emotional nature which propell our every motion routinely — where control of will is lost to compulsive desiring, to surge-crave conditioning. Or, listening intensely to repetitive media negativity via heightened emotional consciousness — particularly COVID content, or others’ added-to model of this. Or, attuned to ordinary history commercials with a seize-phrase jingle. Unconscious participation amounts to in addition conditioning for future unwitting movement. In different phrases, corporate marketing – to encompass diffused propaganda — is designed completely to software the listener to behave and react in a positive manner. Achieving this final results — in one’s deeper thoughts — being the only objective.

Similarly, and frequently known as white knuckle praying — wherein the emotion of strain and fear is dominant – unfortunately the petitioner is unconsciously praying for more strain or worry. Where the emotion, in place of the words, is usual as the prayer, as a consequence ‘granted’.

As we can gather from these three styles of prayer, the primary might be recounted as a hit prayer, while the alternative, non-successful, accordingly poisonous to our spiritual and mental well-being.

Acknowledging Personal Prayer

With the thoughts’s unrelenting exposure to electronic subliminal messaging, alas the natural orientation of the deeper mind to the a hit or high-quality prayer mode, is steadily turning into numbed, unrecognizable, changed as a substitute with instant artificiality.

People appear not speaking authentically, or prayerfully. Instead, mimicking life automatically — electronically nuanced — without involvement of their better emotive love nature.