Establishing Mental Health and COVID Immunity

After reading its decoded translation similarly on, we will see just how applicable and vital this verse is in defeating COVID.

There is likewise a exercise method we will use to get started.

But first some clarifying context regards literal ‘church’ tithing and ‘biblical’ tithing – there is a huge distinction, they’re now not one and the identical, as we will see. For whilst many religions consult with the Bible, the Bible isn’t always referring to any faith or rituals.

The Bible, in all its splendid class, consists of 66 books and forty authors. An instructional Manual at the science of thoughts, it gives coded know-how on how human beings can develop and expand spiritually in all factors of mind/frame/soul; volumes of develop know-how in how to use our intellectual faculties definitely for health, happiness and creativity, to encompass rapid immune reaction to coronavirus and overseas antigens getting into the body.

Heavily coded, biblical syntax isn’t offered as ‘analyzing fabric’ as such – like a novel — as an alternative as observe fabric for deciphering and in the end lived through the thoughts/frame awareness for surest nicely-being, mental peace and free-flowing exuberant love. Thus, literal interpretation of biblical syntax does now not completely serve the evolution of the soul as supposed through those divinely inspired authors.

In forgoing scripture look at and its content assimilation into recognition, we forget about opportunity of cognizance improvement past the born-into nation of carnal primitive mind, settling instead for soundbites and reminiscence referencing of others’ literal interpretations in place of direct revelation thru our very own Teacher focus within.

The phrase Religion comes from the Latin Re-ligare: ligare way to bind, for that reason adding ‘re’ way to re-be a part of, re-bind or link human and divine, whilst ‘church’ esoterically translates: mind/frame.

No different character can reap this ‘re-bind’ — of divine experiencing within — for us.

In essence, the nature of God is natural consciousness: instant all-knowing vibrational love-silence which we’re every designed for coming upon thru natural meditative method.

Silence is golden, sure, in that, by way of thoughts encountering vibrational love-silence it will become healed, entire: an alchemy of base metal to Gold.

The fact is, at start, our mental strategies are uploaded in carnal conditioning from beyond lives: the deeper thoughts is operating under unconscious regulation. A stage of programed soul-noise which has corroded the thoughts’s mechanisms leaving divine silence and not using a method thru which to reflect within the mind/body physiology; therefore, at beginning, ability of religious discernment isn’t always right away to hand. This carnal or ‘worldly’ corrosion is known scripturally because the ‘veil’ of non secular lack of knowledge